This Project was one of my student projects, I was tasked with redesigning a websites UI and UX with the concept of telling a story and introducing a motion to said website.


“By Identifying a service, platform, app or utility that has identifiable brand traits and/or story and describe how those traits/stories are reflected in the visual and motion design and document the user experience for motion design elements Propose a set of animations that mimic, embellish, and/or offer a novel approach to the existing UX/UI elements.” 


The primary focus was on the Rotiform Gallery page, a quick summary of Rotiform, Rotiform creates and designs high quality and expensive aftermarket rims that are loved and used by the car community may it range from luxury brand car owners to car enthusiast who builds cars and so forth.

As stated before the now old Rotiform Gallery page is lacking a much-needed design and layout, the gallery page has small motion in the arrow clicking of the images and a small delay between each page to smoothen the transition. I took on the opportunity to not just embellish the current UI but to also create a new user experience as I focused on the UI, I wanted to tell a story also and mimic the movement in process of building and creating rims I decided to replicate that movement in my UI and motions.